John Harwood. This is kinda funny. John Hardwood, the New York Times: “Organizing Now, Democrats Expect Tough Bid in 2012.” Just as I’ve been saying all of last week and the week before, idea that the reelection of Obama is a shoo-in is nothing more than PR. It’s nothing more than a strategy. This guy is no more a shoo-in for reelection than Alfred E. Neuman is. Now, Harwood has already gone on television today to disavow his own column. After Bin Laden was killed and the news reached, Harwood’s all over TV (impression), “Forget what I wrote! Forget what I wrote! It doesn’t matter now! Obama is reelected. It’s automatic!” Proving he didn’t want to write this piece.

Somebody at the New York Times somewhere realized, “Wait just a second. Are we really gonna go out and make the case that these economic circumstances and the future are the guaranteed way to win reelection in this country?” A couple other things I want to say about that, too. What is Obama’s real plan? What are they banking on in order to secure their reelection?

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