Get this. Folks, I kid you not. I’m doing show prep today and one of the places I clicked on was one of these media watchdog sites called Mediaite. And there’s this — I kid you not — headline: “Obama Planned Bin Laden Mission in Midst of Filling Out NCAA Bracket.” (laughing) I’m sorry. It’s what it says. Remember all the fun people made of Obama from taking time out from busy — (interruption) Well, we did. We weren’t the only ones. Other people raised the question, “What do you mean, you’re president of the United States, there’s a lot of serious stuff going on. People are losing their homes and jobs, and you’re making a big deal about bringing an ESPN crew to videotape your bracket selections for the NCAA tournament.” So now: “Obama Planned Bin Laden Mission in Midst of Filling Out NCAA Bracket.” It’s by Dan Fogarty at a website called, and I got there via Mediaite.

“Hey, remember when everyone said President Obama was wasting his time filling out an NCAA tournament bracket while the world fell apart around him? In case you need a refresher…” and they’ve got some video. “Well, it turns out Obama did find time to do something meaningful in the midst of dithering away with his bracket: he started planning the midnight raid that would kill Osama Bin Laden. On March 15th, ESPN and its camera crew came to the White House to film a segment in which the President revealed his NCAA tournament picks. According to this New York Times report, Obama met with his national security team the day before to discuss the Bin Laden mission.”

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