Law Enforcement Foils Potential 39th Terrorist Plot

It is potentially the 39th terrorist plot foiled against the United States since the attack on September 11, 2001. Yesterday, the NYPD arrested two men seeking to purchase hand grenades and guns for a possible attack against New York City synagogues. This is nothing new—at least three of the attempted terrorist plots since 9/11 have targeted synagogues or Jewish centers and, by our count, this would be the 11th plot against the Big Apple.

While some have been holding their breath for the possibility of retaliation following the death of Osama bin Laden, it seems this plot—and the sting operation which led to the two men’s arrests—had been in motion long before the Navy SEALS operation in Pakistan. As more information presents itself, we will be able to determine if the efforts by these two men were intended to be more than a common crime. Whether this was a terrorist plot or not, one thing is certain: America must be prepared for the next attack. The arrests of these men should serve as a reminder that our government, law enforcement personnel, and the American people cannot tire of being vigilant.



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