It’s Trump Time: After Dithering, Obama Decides No Photo Release

Panetta said the photo would be released. Obama, from the safety of the interview with Steve Kroft at 60 Minutes, made the “gutsy call” not to release the photo. (interruption) What? (interruption) Ah, what do you mean it’s my fault? (interruption) Oh. (interruption) Oh. He says when I speculated that it could be that Panetta was actually running the op, that that sealed the deal for the photo. Because Panetta had gone out there and said the photo will be released, and then I said, “If I were to learn that Panetta’s actually running this show, I wouldn’t be surprised,” so your theory is that The One has had to reassert himself as the one in charge, and that means he has to cut Panetta off at the knees?

Okay, so now what do we do? What do we do? Have we been here before? We have. Recently. A document that nobody doubts exists but would not be released by the regime. There is guidance here. Intelligence guided by experience: One man — one man — has shown the ability to get this regime to produce things it doesn’t want to produce and that man is Donald Trump. It’s time to call Trump. Panetta said they were gonna release the photo. Other elements of the regime said they were gonna release the photo. I mean, Drudge had it 24 hours ago: They were going to release the photo. Maybe Trump could get ’em to release just the short form of the photo. Maybe just the e-mail size. You know, just a couple hundred kilobytes. Not as gory when you blow it up.



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