How To Debate An Atheist

(and present and defend Christianity to family, friends, co-workers and even yourself)

In my frustration from continually hearing atheists and liberals put down Christians as being dumb believers, and them being the intellectual superiors, I decided to do something about it.

Towards that end, I and another Tea Partier set up a debate between myself and the main atheist leader here in the Portland/Vancouver area. I also went on his television show and debated him there for an hour.

They both went great. There was a great turnout by both sides, but in the Q&A, the Christians showed their intellectual dominance and passion for the topic, which was “Can God be proven to exist?” If it were to be a basketball game I would say that the final score was 100 to 1 in the Christians’ favor. Even at the end of the TV show, to the astonishment of the audience, the atheist (who is a former evangelical Christian) said that maybe God is using him to sharpen me and give me a platform.

Later at the atheist website there was some scorn from the atheists towards me. It charged me up at first, but I’ve dealt with it well. I calmed down … responded to them with reason and agape, showing them how they who claim to seem themselves as intelligent and Christians as dumb (which is typical put-down rhetoric for atheists, liberals and the “intellectual elite”) are actually not making that case very well, being that they mainly resort to name calling, put-downs and emotionalism.

So that forced them to reason with me. And when they tried to I was able to show them that Christianity is intellectually solid and their positions aren’t. This then caused a division among their group with half of the group siding with me and even chastising the name-calling and emotional half. Eventually even that half, having been shamed, came to peace and reason 🙂 So, perseverance does pay off if truth is on your side (although some will be SO problemed that it’s good to take the Bible’s advice and not tangle with them. But it’s good to make an initial attempt.).

So I’m going to continue to persevere to get our side “equipped” with knowledge and good arguments so they won’t feel intimidated to go up against anyone. I even today received an email from someone from Montana who heard me on a radio interview. I told her that I was thinking about starting a ministry movement called “Silent No More.” She said, “Lovin’ the Silent No More! Run with it, brother. Christians are so afraid to stand up for God that it is becoming blasphemous.” I also am very frustrated by the reality of what she said in that last sentence. But that just means that there is work to be done to change that.

Towards that end I’lI be speaking at the Design Science Association meeting in Portland, Oregon on June 18 (usually around 200-300 people come). The topic will be “How To Debate An Atheist (and present and defend Christianity to family, friends, co-workers and even yourself).” I’ll also be doing the TV show with the atheist (hopefully in transition) again on June 22 (Channel 11, 8-9pm). The topic will be “Young Earth Creationism vs. Old Earth Evolution.” It’s a shame that people don’t realize that the science facts are actually on the side of Christianity and the Bible. So then it is incumbent upon us who know this to get it out there.

For those of you who are out of the area but are interested in seeing this, the debate and these shows will be on YouTube. All of this information is also in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true, which can be seen at

If you don’t make it to the DSA speech on June 18 or see it online, here is a funny thing I’m going to say. “Jesus said that we should be fishers of men. How can we do that? With DeBait. That’s one way we can get them hooked.” 🙂

Dennis Marcellino

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter most.”
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King



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