How Do We Make People Like Us? Ronald Reagan Knew the Answer

Let me read to you from Ronaldus Magnus at CPAC. Unfortunately, this, by the way, was something that I never foresaw happening today. I did not show prep this on one story. I did not intend this program to be bouncing off of one story I shared in the first segment of the first hour, but that’s what’s happened. Chris Cillizza, the Washington Post: “Mitch Daniels, the Man Who Could Reshape the Republican Field.” Chris Cillizza, who will vote for Obama, with a piece telling us who the Republicans need to nominate. Right. I just refuse to believe that the Washington Post is gonna run stories telling us how to win. I’m sorry, folks, it’s just me, and you know it, too.

There are of course other things in this story I’m not gonna repeat simply because I want to keep the timeline progressive here. But essentially Mitch Daniels is quoted in this story as saying “purity in martyrdom is for suicide bombers.” He has suggested that we have a truce on social issues. He doesn’t want abortion and social issues to be part of the campaign. He thinks it’s a loser. He also said at CPAC that we’re gonna have to do things that make people who are not inclined to vote for us like us. Well, that’s another way of saying we need to become compassionate. And I think we are the essence of compassion.



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