The head of the ALF-CIO has been caught on tape admitting to ‘intercepting’ emails from political opponents and explaining how they go through the trash to get information on their enemies. Wow. Wonder why Glenn spends so much on personal security every year?

Nick Berardino, the AFL-CIO’s General Manager of the Orange County Employees Union, said, “We know exactly what they’re planning to do. We have information. We have intercepted their e mails.”

He added, “We know who they’re talking to. We know who comes into town, and actual leaders such as Karl Rove, been there twice. We hear that Andrew Card has been there once.”

“This is Watergate. What were they trying to do? They were trying to break in to the DNC to find out who they were working with, who they were talking to, what was going on, who’s paying for what. They were trying – they broke in for this kind of information,” Glenn said.

“These guys are so arrogant, so arrogant.”

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