GOP Debate = uninspiring

Wow, last night’s GOP debate was pretty boring, right? That’s what Glenn thought, and he really didn’t see any candidate who “hit the ball out of the park”. He gave his reaction to the debate on radio this morning.

“Pawlenty, stiff; Santorum, a little too forceful probably,” Glenn said. “Ron Paul’s like, ‘I don’t really care. I ‑‑ you’re lucky I’m wearing pants tonight’.”

Stu and Glenn liked a lot of what Herman Cain had to say, but he also had some of the worst answers in the debate. When asked about Afghanistan he said he couldn’t really answer without seeing the intelligence, but as Stu pointed out “But we can’t put you in the Oval Office without any indication of where you’re going.”

Cain said during the debate, “ My point is the experts and their advice and their input would be the basis for me making that decision.”

“There is the problem. The experts. You are the president of the United States and you have to be the expert. You have to have some sense in your gut from watching this,” Glenn said.



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