Don’t Pander to Win Hispanic Votes

Hispanics do not vote in lockstep. In Texas they vote Republican. They vote in droves for Republicans in Texas. Now, if I recall correctly, Democrats got 60% of the Hispanic vote in the 2010 midterms. We’ll have to double-check that. But that’s only 60%. The premise of the caller was that we get none of it. Okay, so we got 40% of the Hispanic vote in the midterms and we weren’t even campaigning, we didn’t even have a message. That vote was purely anti-Obama. That vote was purely anti-Democrat. So 40% of the Hispanics, on their own, voted against Democrats.

See, I believe — and you may call me naive — but I believe Hispanics want jobs, too. And I’m pretty sure Hispanics have to buy gasoline. And I know that they have to buy hamburger. (interruption) I have just been asked if I understand the fear that if we’re not careful, the Democrats could coalesce the Hispanic population as they have the black population and end up getting 90% of the Hispanic vote every election, and if we don’t do something, the Republicans don’t do something as a party, then the Democrats are gonna succeed at that. No, I don’t concede that. I don’t concede anything. I do not concede anything. I don’t concede any segment of the audience doing this program.

I’m sorry, folks, I don’t think this way. I know that they buy hamburger. I know they buy gasoline. I know that they need health care. I know we’ve got some stereotypes that Democrats are trying to turn as many of them into dependents. I know that’s going on, there’s no question that that’s the battle. The thing is, I don’t think we have to convince Hispanics or any other group to become conservative because reality will do that. Ultimately that will happen. It’s one of the many advantages of being on the right side of the truth. It’s racists like Harry Reid who say that people of Hispanic heritage will never vote Republican. We don’t say that. Dingy Harry is out saying things like that. We are a party of converts.



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