Conservatism is on the Rise, But Libs Want You to Think Otherwise

Let me reiterate this, just kind of briefly summarize it from the first hour. If you’re a welfare recipient and you’re just getting up, just now tuning in to the show or what have you, I’m not gonna go through the entire first hour again, but today, ladies and gentlemen, as is the case most days, the Drive-Bys are filled with stories about all the problems the Republican Party’s having, “Man, this Medicare proposal of Paul Ryan’s, it’s killing the party. They gotta throw it overboard. They gotta get rid of this. They’re fracturing. They’re splitting. They’re not unified. They’re just losing everything, gotta get rid of it, and then they got to throw away this debt ceiling argument. The Republican Party is just throwing away everything it had,” and just the exact opposite — well, wait a minute, now. The Republican Party may eventually throw it all away, but the exact opposite is happening.

Michael Barone has a piece today, I forget where, it’s buried in the stack, but he’s right about it, the Democrats have a strategy, one of many, and one of their strategeries is to join the chorus now and then about spending. You’ll even hear Obama talk about spending is too high, we gotta get our deficit manageable, but then when it comes to time to do it, never join, never, ever come up with an idea, just sit back and let the Republicans do that, and then rip it to shreds. Rip every suggestion they make to shreds. Doesn’t matter if it’s entitlement form or a simple ten-dollar cut somewhere. Just rip it to shreds. But the mood of the country is to just take a knife to the size of this government and pare it down. It’s just gotten out of hand. It’s too intrusive. It’s too obstructionist. It’s too big. It’s too unwieldy, unmanageable. It’s starting to encroach on personal and individual liberty here in ways that people never imagined, just gotta get a handle on it.



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