Boehner Speech Sends Signal to the Left: The Tea Party is Not Dead

It seems to me the Tea Party is far from dead. John Boehner gave a huge speech, according to, on the debt sealing. He delivered it last night at the Economic Club of New York. Before letting you hear some sound bites, Boehner said that everything is on the table except taxes. Medicare, for example. The one thing Boehner and therefore the House Republicans will not accept in the upcoming debt ceiling fight is tax increases.

He says he does not think the debt limit is urgent, and it’s not. It is not an emergency! It does not have to be solved this week. He does not think default is a real risk. In other words, he’s not buying any of the premises put forth by the Democrats and the liberals in the media. He will not support spending cut “triggers.” These are seen as a gimmick to kick the can down the road. He said the cuts must happen now. He agreed that defense spending needs a fundamental review. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is Boehner last night at the Economic Club of New York. They were meeting, actually, in some hotel.

I think one of the things going on here is that Boehner is letting the libs know that the Tea Party is not dead yet. Oh! Where is it? There’s a story here somewhere. Oh! Oh! Oh! Folks, you know, we were talking yesterday and last week about how in my inarguable opinion, Obama is eminently beatable. I don’t have to remake the arguments I made yesterday. (If you missed yesterday’s show it’s a shame for you, but you can always review it at My basic point is, “If Obama’s unbeatable, let’s have him campaign on $6-a-gallon gasoline and let’s move the unemployment rate up to 10%! If this is the stuff that gets presidents reelected, then why not more of it?”



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