Bibi vs. Obama: Reality vs. Fantasy

It’s bigger even than the Middle East and the West. The Netanyahu-Obama face-to-face was a confrontation between reality and fantasy — and it was Obama engaged in fantasy. So much of liberalism is a fantasy, theoretical fantasy. They believe still that the Soviet Union woulda worked out if the right people had been in charge and if there had just been enough money spent. People today think FDR goofed by not specked enough, that socialism is the only way to go. If the right people are in charge, have big enough hearts, and unlimited bank accounts, socialism would work. There are still people who believe this — and they are dangerously engaged in Fantasy Island, and those that are not fantasizing who genuinely believe it are even worse and more dangerous.

But this conflict between Netanyahu and Obama was a conflict between words that have consequences and words that sound good but end up being disastrous. I mean, there we had had President Barack Obama speaking of his “commitment to Israeli security,” with all the passion and clarity and conviction that he used when he promised to close Club Gitmo. You could say that he assured his, quote, unquote, “friends in Israel” that he would stand behind them as absolutely as he stood behind fiscal responsibility. He would stand behind Israel as much as he was “laser-like focused on creating jobs and economic growth.”

Just words! Words, words, words in a fantasy world, and Obama lands in Ireland today, and what’s the news? He’s reaching back to his ancestral home! It’s a photo-op! Does anybody know why he’s even there? And the most unseemly part of this confrontation was that all Obama wanted to do was try to “lead from behind,” to catch up to the so-called Arab spring, to make it Obama’s Arab spring. It was, “I killed Osama, and I begat the Arab spring!” Now, if the Arab spring were what we’re told it is (the Middle East throwing off tyranny in favor of freedom and democracy and opportunity) there would be it would be no need to throw Israel into the mix. Israel would be a model!



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