Barack H. Obama, Military Genius

Folks, I’ve been trying to — as you know by virtue of yesterday’s program — I’ve been trying to veer off of the Bin Laden, Pakistan story, but I tell you, they just keep releasing stuff here that draws me, and thus you, back to it. For example, according to the UK Guardian — this a leftist newspaper — President Bush struck a deal with Pakistan’s President Musharraf ten years ago that allows America to go into Pakistan to kill terrorists like Bin Laden without the Pakistanis knowing about it. This is a ten-year-old deal. So this is another thing that Obama has inherited from Bush. The deal allows Pakistan to wail and cry and moan and everything, but they are committed to letting these attacks happen unopposed. A ten-year-old deal that Bush struck with Musharraf.

Now, the AP has not reported this. Domestic State-Controlled Media has not reported this. They had not reported one word about the Bush-Musharraf agreement. Instead, what the AP has done, they have rushed out a report that says Musharraf is now denying there’s any kind of a deal. So rather than report the deal, AP’s gonna say, “By the way, you know, that thing that The Guardian says happened, the ten-year-old deal we have reported on. Well, Musharraf’s denying it.” That’s right. Which is to be expected, I mean from AP. And Musharraf, by the way. These people have played double game over there. Can you imagine, Musharraf’s the ex-president, but still, if the word got out that he had actually agreed to let Bush, the hated Bush and the Americans to just waltz into the country any time they want under the pretext of nailing a terrorist, yeah, he would be in trouble.



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