Bam Hits the Trail with Bin Laden, Armed with Bogus AP Approval Poll

Ladies and gentlemen, we had this story yesterday — I didn’t get a chance to get to it — but it seems that Osama Bin Laden’s son, Omar Bin Laden, has issued a statement that has appeared on a couple of important terrorist websites, including the New York Times. And among the complaints of Omar is that his father did not get a trial. I gotta disagree with him there, folks. He got a trial by fire. Plain as day for anybody to believe because nobody’s seen it. But that’s what we’ve been told. Now, it’s a trial by fire. He got some kind of a trial, which is more than he gave the people he killed.

I almost fell for a hoax piece today. I almost fell for it. It’s so good and there’s a lot of potential truth in it. It’s a story from one of Osama’s wives, how embarrassed she was and what a mess the house was in when the SEALs showed up. I was all ready to put it at the top of the stack and run with it. I just headline scanned it first, and I dig deep into these things as we near show time and when I got to the part where she asked the SEALs to wait until she straightened up the bedroom, “Okay, I’ve been had here,” in the nick of time. It’s a hilarious piece. One of Osama’s wives asking the SEALs and telling the world she’s profoundly embarrassed what a mess the place was. Apparently, though, Osama’s son, Omar, is upset that we would kill an unarmed civilian like that instead of doing it the good old-fashioned way, hijacking an airplane and flying it into the hut that his father was living in.



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