A Theory on What Newt’s Doing

I have evolved a theory on what Newt’s up to. My theory is based in my belief that Newt knows he’s going to lose this. So this is about positioning after he loses it. Now, I should tell you that — and I might have mentioned this before; I don’t remember — six weeks ago, eight weeks ago, I had breakfast with Newt. Long before he officially announced his presidential run, he told me he’s gonna run; he went through his agenda bullet point by bullet point.

And at that lunch, he practically said, “Now, I think I’ve already got the nomination wrapped up. I’m not worried about that. I’m looking beyond that to vice presidential running mates, policies and so forth and so on.” He was very, very confident that he’d already had it wrapped up. This is in the midst of Trump. I asked him about Mitch Daniels. “Ah, Mitch — don’t know about him running. Conventional wisdom is Mitch isn’t gonna run; his wife doesn’t like politics.” So Mitch wasn’t gonna run. “Romney can’t survive Romneycare.” He went through all of this as to why he was almost the de facto, default winner of the nomination.

But my theorem actually evolves from a belief that I have that he thinks he’s probably gonna lose. Look, Romney is obviously the front-runner now with all the money. They’re saying Romney’s gonna be able to raise a billion dollars, too. Romney raised something like $10 million in eight hours. So you got Trump (who was never in) out of it. You’ve got all the others. Santorum, I think, is a dark horse. I think Bachmann, she’s talking about getting in. I think Bachmann could stir things up, too, in a fascinatingly interesting way. What’s gonna happen…

It’s already happening. There’s a website that loves Sarah Palin, and that website is already trashing Michele Bachmann, and we’ve always thought that Bachmann and Palin are buds. They’ve shown up together at different places, introduced each other, but now this Palin friend’s website is launching broadsides at Bachmann (using that Daily Caller piece that I shared with you yesterday as ammo). This is what happens in primaries.



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