You Can’t Compromise with Dems

Now, this is getting interesting, folks. This is getting interesting. I checked the e-mail during the break. I went to our subscriber line at Subject line in one e-mail: “What Are You Doing?” Subject line in another e-mail: “Do You Know What You Are Doing?” Well, now, I’m intrigued by those. Subject is what determines whether or not I open an e-mail and read it. Both of these guys, both of these people that sent me these e-mails said: “Are you aware of what you’re doing here? I mean, you have Trump on some time ago and he’s doing okay in the polls and he shoots up and he shoots up. Every time you have Trump on, he goes higher and higher and higher in the polls! Do you know what you’re doing here?”

As though I’m involved in some sort of a plan. I’m not. I want to ask him the same questions you people have for him. You know, the compromise, working with the Democrats. He knows them. He knows a lot of them in New York. What is he gonna do when they start saying about him what they say about all of us? I don’t know that he’s prepared for it. I know he may say that he knows that they’re gonna say those kinds of things, but ’til it actually happens to you… I mean, look at Paul Ryan! Paul Ryan?



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