With a Democrat in the Oval Office, Five Dollars a Gallon is No Big Deal

We did a little Google search here. In the previous hour of the program I made reference to the fact that, where are all the stories on the gasoline price going up? Five bucks a gallon. If you heard the riff, you know, I don’t need to repeat it, basically the point of it was that compared to 2005, the last time gasoline prices spiked big time, there’s no coverage of it. So, yeah, while the price is exceeding four bucks in many places, five bucks in Washington, there’s not this accompanying panic. No. What are we getting? A one-year look-back at the oil spill. So the media is doing everything it can to suppress any negative economic impact to Obama, virtually no coverage of the rising gasoline price.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a search, gasoline prices, Google trends. Here it is. That big spike that you see on the left is 2005 when the price was approaching four bucks a gallon and the oil price was around $150. That’s been the way they’ve been covering gasoline prices since. This year, no coverage. See the little spike there. It just proves the point that I was making an hour ago, and that is that there’s no coverage on this. I mean people are sending me notes, “Gasoline prices are skyrocketing. People are really feeling the pain.” Are they? Do they know it? They’re feeling it but do they think anybody else is feeling it? There’s no news on it and there’s certainly no negative news about it. Whatever news about the gas price going up tends to be, “Well, you know, there’s really some good news about this. Less dependence on foreign oil. Less travel. Less accidents. Fewer lives lost.” I mean, they’re actually doing stories on the benefits of rising gasoline prices. Something you would never see, of course, if a Republican were in the Oval Office.



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