Wisconsin Judge Election Count

Let’s turn to Wisconsin where there is a Supreme Court election. Well, it took place yesterday. They’re counting the votes now. We’re gonna have Florida all over again. The Florida recount is shaping up. This is gonna be Beirut for the lawyers. Get ready for this. The chief justice of the Wisconsin state Supreme Court is Shirley Abrahamson. She is a sworn enemy of the incumbent Republican, Prosser. The Democrat opponent of Prosser is Ms. Kloppenburg. Ms. Kloppenburg was an intern for the Chief Justice Shirley Abramson. She would get to decide, the chief justice would get to decide who would hear the case on the recount. Now, this is a classic conflict of interest. This should result in a recusal by the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but it probably won’t because that would require honor. The Supreme Court balances 4-3 Republican in Washington if she would recuse herself. That would upset the balance. They’re not going to do that.

The reason this is all happening anyway is because they don’t like the election results of last November. Well, what happens, the losing candidate in Wisconsin has to file a petition in the circuit court, which in Wisconsin is a trial court. That petition has to be filed within five days of the completion of a recount. And because it’s a statewide election, the chief justice of the Supreme Court selects which judicial district shall hear the case. The circuit court judge hears the case without a jury. And the losing party at this level can then appeal to Wisconsin’s Fourth District Court of Appeals within 30 days. Now, what’s the latest on the count? All day long it’s been reported that Prosser was up by 500, then 600, 300 some odd. The latest information I have, the last missing precinct to be counted in Wisconsin is Jefferson County. If voting patterns in Jefferson County hold for their final precinct, the last precinct should give Prosser a 100 to 120 vote margin.



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