Where is the GOP Churchill?

So a frustrated caller in the first hour was asking, “Where is our Churchill?”

She’s specifically focusing on Chris Christie. She thinks Christie is the answer to our problems, and she said, “Look, he says he’s not ready. Well, I’m sorry. We don’t have time for somebody to say they’re not ready. Churchill didn’t say he’s not ready. Churchill answered the call. Churchill didn’t have the luxury of saying he wasn’t ready. It’s serious. Churchill, he knew what Hitler was up to.” It’s important to understand that Churchill is the only one in the British hierarchy who dared think that about Hitler.

They had their heads in the sand like crazy on Hitler. They thought Churchill was nuttier than Hitler was! When Churchill was trying to warn them, they thought that they need to commit Churchill to the asylum. Neville Chamberlain knew when they invaded Poland, but I can’t describe it for you. They thought he was a nut. He was “the crazy aunt in the basement” that Ross Perot always talked about that every family has. It was somebody that had to be tolerated because of his previous contributions and so forth, but he’d gone off the rails on this Hitler business.

But what did it take, what element was there for Churchill to rise up? That element was Hitler. In other words, to become a Churchill you first have to believe that you’re facing a Hitler. Now, what if…? I know it’s easy — and Snerdley pooh-poohs this. But what if…? I’ll mention it. What if Chris Christie or any of these other people in the Republican gang right now, those who we’re pretty sure are in (and those that we’d like to see in but aren’t like Bobby Jindal and Rubio and Allen West) don’t see it as dire as our first caller from Canada? Now, don’t pooh-pooh this. All right, now… (interruption) Wait a second.

Snerdley just asked me… I tell you, this is the single source of the greatest frustration we all have. Snerdley just said, “How can anybody not see it?” I would dare say, Snerdley, half the country doesn’t see it! Now, the polling data would suggest that we’re moving closer to people seeing it, but there’s a story in the Wall Street Journal today about all these hedge fund guys that gave all this money and raised all this money for Obama who are now gonna raise money and give money to the Republicans. I read this story (and I might share it with you here; I have it in the stack) and it focuses on a couple of them.



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