What If Your Congressperson or President Saw a Disaster Coming and Did Nothing to Avoid It?

All the news shows, ladies and gentlemen, are in a tizzy over the latest news here that a shutdown is coming. They’re going completely hysterical over this government shutdown. They’re all saying it looks inevitable now. And in listening to who will get hurt by the shutdown, CNN, for example, keeps putting nonessential government employees in scare quotes. Why the quotes? These workers are either nonessential or they aren’t. And it’s what the government is calling them. The government’s calling them nonessential. CNN and the news media have all of this concern for people that work for government, who might be out of a paycheck for a while. But yet the government themselves, or itself, describes these people as nonessential. It’s like newsrooms. You know, the media has taken a hard hit in the economic times that we’ve had. They’ve laid off a bunch of people but they’ve always said, “Don’t worry, our journalism will not be affected. Only nonessential people have been cut.” Well, that means they weren’t needed in the first place. The product continues to be put out. The daily newspaper, the magazine, fewer people buying and reading them, but they’re still putting them out.

The effort here on the part of the Democrats with all this so-called compassion is destructive. It’s destroying people’s lives. It’s taking away parts of their humanity and their dignity. It’s denying people the opportunity to be the best they can be. It’s robbing them by creating dependency. It takes advantage of what the Democrats believe is a natural human characteristic, laziness, and exploiting that all for their own political gain. And now to talk about all these poor people are gonna die because health care coverage will be cut back, and all the sick people and the old people are gonna starve because of this, and yet we’re just going back to 2008 spending levels, 2008 spending levels, by the way, authored by Democrats. They had it all. They wrote the budgets those years. CNN’s also concerned that the Army might not get paid, concerned that people might have to wait longer to get their tax refund checks. When has CNN ever been concerned about the military being paid or people getting their money back from government? And, by the way, I think the military will get paid during a shutdown, and Social Security checks will go out during a shutdown.

You can go back to our archives and get the story detailing just exactly what continues to happen during a shutdown. Social Security checks will be mailed. They’re working now on a stopgap measure to make sure the military gets paid during a government shutdown. The whole government shutdown is an intellectual exercise for the most part. We’re simply talking about there not being exact amounts of dollars on hand to fund the government. The dirty, rotten truth is that we don’t have the money to fund the government now. We’re either printing it or borrowing it. And this is what Paul Ryan is trying to get his arms around and deal with seriously now.



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