We Need a Permanent Fix to the EPA’s CO2 Regulations

Realizing the costs and folly of instituting a massive greenhouse gas regulatory regime, Members of Congress stopped cap-and-trade legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions, most notably carbon dioxide (CO2), from becoming law in the last Congress. But their job is not complete. Now unelected bureaucrats at the EPA are attempting to bypass the legislative process through regulatory dictate by using The Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide. The problem is that Congress never intended The Clean Air Act to cover CO2 and the result of doing so would extract trillions of dollars from our economy and destroy over one million jobs. Worse yet, there would be no demonstrable benefit to the environment.

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are expected to vote today on a number of measures with regards to the EPA and greenhouse gas regulations. Congress should use all means possible to stop the EPA permanently from regulating GHGs and seek to prevent other agencies from doing the same.



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