We are Here Because Democrats Didn’t Pass a Budget for 2 Years

Now, let me go through this, very simply. The only reason there is going to be a shutdown, if there is, and I still don’t believe there’s gonna be a shutdown, but if there is a shutdown, it will be because Democrat senators will have refused to pass the budget, or because Obama vetoes the budget. Whoever is to blame here is a Democrat. The Republicans have presented a budget. Last fall the Democrats and the president did not present a budget, which is required constitutionally. The Democrats did not present a budget because they didn’t want their plans to be seen during an election year, because Democrat budget plans are not what the American people want. They do not want continued unfunded spending, deficit spending, debt upon debt piled up.

So the Democrats punted. The Democrats voted “present.” The Democrats chickened out. That’s why we’re even doing continuing resolutions every week, pass another stopgap bill that keeps the government running for a week or two, all because the Democrats didn’t do a budget. So the Republicans have presented a budget. The Democrats and Obama are trying to stop the budget. They are the ones causing the shutdown. It’s really that simple. It’s just as Bill Clinton vetoed the 1995 budget. Bill Clinton caused the 1995 budget shutdown. It was Clinton’s veto that shut down the government. The Democrats are trying to use the military just like they use teachers and nurses and librarians and doctors and so forth, the cops at the local level, “Oh, cut the budget? Okay, we’ll have to let the cops go and we’ll have to let the firemen off.” No, no. This is the trick, and now at the federal level Democrats use the military, the National Guard, in their budget negotiations. When have the Democrats ever cared about whether the military gets paid or not?



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