Video: Paul Ryan Breaks Down GOP Budget Plan As Government Shutdown Looms

Entitlements are the big drivers of our debt. And if we take care of these entitlements now by reforming them now, then you can do it on a gradual way on our own terms. That means no cuts to seniors. That means, people 55 and above see no change in their benefits whatsoever. And these changes faze in for people 54 and below. But if you don’t get this under control, if you don’t get the debt under control, then you have a debt crisis. And what happens Sean in a debt crisis, is just like what is happening in Europe. Cuts occur immediately to everybody.

So, for seniors citizens who have organized their lives around these programs, who, you know, had promises made to them about Social Security and Medicare and things like that, then, they get hurt when we don’t fix this problem.

So, our point is this, let’s get to prosperity. Let’s gets jobs created. And let’s get these things under control. So we can preempt a debt crisis, prevent it from happening, and that means, preempt bitter austerity like that what you see in Europe.

Now, the president’s plan is defund, it’s to duck, it’s a kick the can down the road and do nothing about this. That means you are accelerating our march toward a debt crisis. And that means in debt crisis, you do crisis management that means you do cuts to everybody. We want to prevent that from happening.



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