There’s No Reason to Fear Obama!

Is the news media gonna have to go back and rewrite all their stories from last December, the whole series of stories they filed during the lame duck where they wrote about the “Obama tax cuts” here, the “Obama tax cuts” there? Yesterday, in case you’re still curious as to who Barack Obama is, you got the real guy. That was Barack Obama yesterday. That was Barack Obama unplugged; it was Barack Obama unrestrained, unchanged, whatever. Barack Obama would rather give hundreds of billions of dollars to community activists than to reform Medicare. Barack Obama rather would give hundreds of billions of dollars to government unions and ACORN and the like, rather than reform Medicaid.

By the way, reforming Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, has gotta happen, folks, to save the country as it’s been founded. These are crucial things requiring strong, competent leadership. We do not have it, we never have had it in this president or administration, regime. We’ve been defrauded. It’s a complete fraud. This administration is complete fraud. As Paul Ryan pointed out, on the Sunday shows, discussing all of these salient points about the budget, our solvency, they send out a campaign guy: David Plouffe. They don’t send out somebody from the regime, the Office of Management and Budget or somebody like that.



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