The Royal Wedding: Proof that love is more appealing than comedy

When tuning in to coverage of the Royal Wedding, there was a “nice” feeling of love, beauty, patriotism and happiness. That feeling was made very evident by the contrast of the feeling of a drag queen insult comic who Jay Leno’s Tonight Show sent over to interview people in the crowd. But he/she didn’t play well in that the (supposed) comedy took away from the feeling of the event. In fact it was downright embarrassing and even disgusting, not funny. An analogy would be: playing rap music during a romantic evening. (If you don’t get that, you don’t know what love and romance are.) Another analogy would be to be relaxing on the beach and then putting on a heavy metal song.

So then, given all three of these scenarios (the real one and the two analogies), which ones are the more appealing … the nice ones or the brazen ones? Well the telling difference in appeal between them is the fact that 2 BILLION people tuned into the wedding.

I wish that the entertainment industries would get the fact that love, peace, niceness, reverence, patriotism and beauty are more innately appealing and pleasurable than violence, lust, hyperness and sensationalism. It’s better to be nice than to be shocked. I don’t even watch TV dramas or violent movies because I don’t like to see human beings hurting other human beings. If the problem is with the public, I wish then that they would get it too.

Ultimately, the good things that I mentioned are also better for the health, happiness and social statistics of the country. Maybe you had to grow up in the 1950’s (like I did) to know the greater pleasure of the positive things that I mentioned. But you didn’t have to grow up in the 1950’s to read the difference in social statistics between then and now, or feel the beauty in the feelings of a lot of the TV shows, movies and music.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of 10 books, including Why Are We Here?, The Plague Of Liberalism, and Addiction Free Forever. His books can be seen at



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