The “Obama Says We Can’t Spend More Than We Take In” Budget Bill

I have an idea. I have an idea for the Republicans. Greetings, welcome back, great to have you, Rush Limbaugh, serving humanity just by being me. I mean that’s essentially what happens here. When I show up and the microphone goes on, a nation comes to a screeching halt to listen and learn. Telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, [email protected]

Now, Obama’s out there speaking to these skulls full of mush today, and he said, “We can’t spend more than we take in.” Now, there’s a possible second meaning to this. We’re sitting here and we are incredulous that he be such a goofball. He’s the architect of spending more than we take in. So it could well be — remember, now, my theorem is that what Obama’s doing here is simply providing the national media some sound bites. This audience is just a bunch of props. He’s providing the national media with a bunch of sound bites to use uncritically in his campaign. Now, if you’re Obama, and this is a likelihood, if you’re Obama and you say, “We can’t keep spending more than we take in,” it could be a prelude to, “So I’m going to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.” You know, we must consider that as the way he’s thinking. The most profligate spender in the history of spenders, we hear him say, “We can’t spend more than we take in,” and we think, how can somebody be so stupid to say this? How can he continue to say these things when he is the architect of it?



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