The hilarious media/blog coverage of Glenn’s Fox News announcement

Did you know that Good Morning America has an investigative reporting division? Well apparently they do! And they’re investigating why Glenn is transitioning off his daily TV show on FOX (and still producing specials and other television projects for FOX). While the media is busy inventing all kinds of hilarious explanations, Glenn gave his first comments on radio since news of the announcement broke yesterday.

“I have wanted to talk to you about things for months, months. And there are things that I still want to talk to you about that I cannot today and will not today,” Glenn said.

While there are some things that Glenn cannot address, he was able to comment on the announcement that he would be leaving his daily FOX News show.

Glenn said that he didn’t think this move would surprise many of his loyal fans at all. “I apologize if I did shock you. I walked out of the studio yesterday and the boys left the Fourth Hour and everybody was called into the office at 12:00 for a meeting and I had to announce to the staff what was going on. Nobody on my staff was surprised at all.”

“I’m sorry if I surprised you yesterday. I just assumed that you hear me when I say things like for the last year prepare for a time when I will not be there to connect all of these dots for you. When I tell you that there are other things that I am working on and doing.”



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