Shutdown Sob Stories Abound as Obama Skips Town with Sharpton

Let me tell you something. Politico, are you listening? (laughing) More senior citizens will die from Obamacare than from any other government action in this country. More senior citizens will die due to health rationing of Obamacare than anything else that government does in its history, outside, of course, of the Civil War. It is Barack Obama himself conducting an ABC town hall way back, two years ago. Woman shows up and raises her hand, (paraphrasing) “Mr. Obama, I got a question.” He says, “You may ask it.” “My mother is 98 years old, needs a pacemaker. Her will to live is strong. She’s perfectly fine except for the pacemaker. Will you permit –” you know, I’m cringing at that. Here we got a citizen asking the president, “Will you permit my mother to have a pacemaker?” and you know what Obama said? “Well, I don’t think we can calculate spirit or will to live. Just give her a pill.” So the leader of the regime says, “Give a pill, let ’em die.”

There will be health rationing. Senior citizens, Paul Ryan is trying to save them. Paul Ryan is giving them an option to either stay in Medicare or join a pool in the private sector, whichever they can best afford, whatever they want to choose. It’s called freedom of choice for their health care. It does not mandate they go before Obamacare death panels. And yet here’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Republicans are gonna leave senior citizens as corpses in the streets. Some seniors will end up dying because they’re forced to put off getting that pain checked out. So seniors are gonna sit around, they’re gonna suffer pain, but they’re not gonna be able to go to the doctor to get the pain checked out, and the pain’s gonna be deadly, bam. There are corpses in the street. What’s going to happen with Obamacare, they feel the pain, they go to the doctor, the doctor consults the regime, the regime says, “How old is this woman? Well, screw it, we’re not gonna invest in making her well. She’s only got five years to live anyway, so to hell with it. Give her a pill.” That’s what Debbie Wasserman Schultz is for. Here’s a continuation of her reaction to Paul Ryan.



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