All right, so they’re gonna kick the debt ceiling down the road. They’re going to kick it down the road. This is chutzpah because it was — again, I remind you — over the weekend, used as an excuse for only $38 billion on the budget fight. “That’s billions. We’re gonna get trillions! We’re going for trillions on the debt sealing fight.” Now, that’s kicked down the road. When we get to the Ryan budget (this a prediction), the same people are gonna say, “Why fight this battle now? The Ryan budget’s about ten years, nobody cares about that, no current Congress can tie the hands of future Congress.

“So the Ryan budget, we’re gonna hold that until we have the White House. Let’s focus on the presidential election. We’ve got important issues to face out there like regulating school lunches and making sure that people can’t take ’em from home.” Don’t doubt me. Now, if the trend continues — if the trend continues — Obama today will propose raising taxes on somebody (and actually it will be on everybody no matter what he says). Everybody will be faced with the prospect of paying higher taxes, and we will agree to a certain percentage of tax increases, and then elements of our conservative media will write praising editorials on the value of compromise.

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