Republicans Lack Courage on Oil

Ladies and gentlemen, the gas price when Obama took office was $1.83 a gallon. It isn’t news. It’s almost never mentioned by our news media. It’s now over 108%, the gasoline price is up since Obama was immaculated. I mentioned this yesterday. The EPA, a bureaucracy, has denied Shell Oil a permit to drill off the Alaska coast. And you know why? Because the emissions might hurt a tiny village which is more than 70 miles away. I kid you not. That’s the reason given. And along the same line it’s been reported that seven more oil platforms have left the Gulf of Mexico because they couldn’t get permits to drill. Most of them have gone down to Brazil. They have gone to Brazil where we are subsidizing Petrobras offshore drilling. So Shell Oil told by the EPA, you can’t drill off Alaska ’cause of pollution. We got a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. Seven oil platforms have shut down and moved to Brazil where we are funding that nation’s oil exploration. What are we doing here? Well, once again we’re talking about raising taxes on the oil companies and ending their subsidies on big oil companies.

Boy, some days this job is a job. Most days it’s not. But some days this program, folks, is a job. John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has indicated in an interview with ABC that he is open to the idea of reducing the so-called oil subsidies, and he used a phrase that has been popularized by the left. “It’s about time the oil companies paid their fair share.” He’s open to them paying “their fair
share” and open to the idea of reducing their subsidies, when we need them the most. And I understand the Republicans don’t want to get caught in a trap. They think it’s a trap, of having to defend Big Oil, but this is how the left sets the agenda. This is the left setting the premise and putting us on defense. We’re always reacting to it. Now, my reaction is, if I were a political leader and a Republican, and the Democrats are hell-bent on ending Big Oil subsidies and raising taxes on Big Oil in circumstances like we are in now with rising gasoline prices — this may be the difference working in radio versus working in politics — but I would defend Big Oil, especially now. We need supply. We need to stop helping neighboring countries build up their supply, drill and add to their supply. We’re harming ourselves.



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