President Obama Is Not Unbeatable

There is a defeatism out there in parts of our party that think the White House is not winnable. Jennifer, I have to agree with you about that. Setting our sights on the Senate only? What the hell? This guy is eminently beatable. I don’t care. I’m not even talking about Trump right now. This is about Obama and the 2012 election is going to be about Obama. And frankly, folks, when you get down to brass tacks, getting rid of Obama, throwing him out of the Oval Office, ending this regime has got to be priority number one. It must be! And he is eminently beatable. Now, I don’t know about all this talk that Obama is not afraid of Republicans but he is afraid of Trump. I don’t know about all that yet. I do know that Trump’s the only guy taking it to him.

I know a lot of people think Trump’s a Democrat plant. I know Trump’s largely donated to Democrats. We asked him about that on this program. Some of you have forgotten. We asked him about it. You heard his answer. You’re free not to like it. I’ll ask him again. But the fact is he is taking it to Obama, and there’s nobody on our side who is, not in terms of elected political people. Nobody else is. I don’t know who Obama’s afraid of. I think his ego is so big I don’t think he’s afraid of anybody. People on his staff may have their qualms about some people, but I don’t think he’s afraid of anybody.



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