Peter Orszag shed some new light on why he left his post as White House budget director and brushed off criticism over his decision take a multi-million dollar job at CitiGroup in an interview with New York magazine.

Orszag claims he never wanted the job, but was unable to resist President Obama’s personal lobbying for him to accept the offer.

“Many of my mentors warned me that despite the ‘no drama’ Obama campaign, once in office this White House would inevitably be like others—and possibly worse. And unfortunately that’s exactly what happened,” Orszag said.

Orszag personally clashed with other White House officials, including Larry Summers, over the administration’s lack of motivation to lower the budget deficit, and Obama’s decision to make the Bush tax cuts for the middle class permanent. Orszag believed the tax cuts should have been temporarily extended and then allowed to expire in 2013, after the economy had ample time to recover.

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