PC police: [CENSORED] Egg Hunt

The PC Police are out in force, but rather than trying to take down Christmas they now want to censor Easter. Glenn had the story on radio this morning.

A small town in Ohio is taking “Easter” out of the traditional Easter egg hunt, and seeking to rename it the “spring egg hunt”. While the town trustees have said they have no issue with letting the event take place under the name “Easter egg hunt”, they don’t want tax dollars to sponsor the even unless the religious element is removed.

“ Why are the taxpayers footing the bill for an Easter egg hunt in the first place? I don’t care what you call it. Why are the taxpayers footing the bill for it?” Glenn said.

“And what’s the problem if they are footing the bill with calling it an Easter egg hunt?” Pat asked. “Somebody might be offended? Oh, no! There’s no clause in the Constitution about being offended.”



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