Obama’s Strange Easter Remark

There’s just something about the Resurrection that puts everything in perspective. I don’t know what that would be. I mean usually that’s how they title movies, you know, There’s Something About Mary. There’s something about Snerdley. But you just don’t hear there’s something about the Resurrection. What about the Resurrection? What is it, sir, about the Resurrection that puts everything else in perspective? There’s just something about the Resurrection. “Mr. Limbaugh, are you leveling a disguised allegation?” No, no, Mr. New Castrati. I’ve just never heard it discussed this way. When he discusses the call to prayer in the Muslim world as being one of the sweetest sounds in the world, I mean that’s an eloquent way to describe the Muslim call to prayer. Here we’re talking the Resurrection. There’s something about that. You know what? Michelle and I were talking about it, something there’s about that that just puts everything in perspective.



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