Obama said a lot of things in that Facebook appearance about how I think Ryan’s a patriot, but there’s no courage here. There nothing courageous in Ryan’s budget. It most definitely is, given the mind-set of so many Americans. There’s a shocking story, I can say we shouldn’t be shocked, and sometimes we have to ask ourselves:

“Maybe has the tipping point been reached?” More people receive benefits than are paying taxes. Or, another way to look at this: The amount of money involved, the amount of money being redistributed, the amount of money being spent on federal benefits to people is now larger than the annual take of tax revenue. Some people say, “Well, okay, Rush, it’s over. There’s no getting us back from this abyss. That’s what the left has always been pursuing, and they’ve got us here, and there’s no returning.” I’m not ready to say that yet, but it still is a depressing bit of news.

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