Obama to Citizen on Gas Prices: Trade in Your Car and Buy a Volt

If you’re getting eight miles a gallon, you may want to think about a trade-in. The AP reported that Obama made the comment laughingly, but the quote has been scrubbed from the story that they link. It’s been scrubbed. AP just took it out. They just took it out. We’ve got it here. They just took it out of there. (laughing) Obviously there was no prompter. The question is did AP do it on their own or did somebody from the White House call ’em? I bet they got the call, too, but I’ll bet they woulda done it on their own. I bet there was somebody at AP that said, “You know, this is really kind of bad.”

By the way, folks, my car gets eight miles to the gallon and I’m honored. I’m proud. I chose my car for that reason. Well, no, I can’t honestly say I chose it for that reason. But I chose it knowing full well. That didn’t deter me at all. No, it did not deter me at all. And I love my car. Finest car I’ve ever driven. No, if I trade it in it’s gonna be for a new one of the same kind ’cause it’s three years old now. It’s got 11,000 miles on it. (laughing) You should see Snerdley and Dawn. (laughing) I do. Folks, I’ve got a Mercedes SL 65 AMG, it’s a convertible. This thing, it’s the same engine as the Maybach has, it just weighs about one-third the Maybach, but it, too, if it had the weight would only get eight miles to the gallon. That car has about 8,000 miles on it. But we have six in the fleet. Mostly we got four SUVs. I don’t drive those, but I would bet you my fleet, combined gas mileage, is nine. I am not going to trade-in anything I’ve got for one of Obama’s cars.

You know, I see Priuses. There’s people driving these Priuses and I know that some of them probably think they’re helping, but other people are doing it just to make a statement. It’s like wearing one of the red ribbons or blue ribbons. I love giving those cars enemas. I mean I love getting just as close to ’em as I can in the back, and they’re looking at me in their rearview mirror, and I just wave at ’em. And these people generally always drive like four to five miles an hour under the speed limit, so, you know, I love pulling out, going parallel with them and then goosing it awhile, just to say, “Here, breathe my fumes. Look at me destroying the planet.” Oh, I love it. I absolutely do. But as I say it’s time for a trade-in, maybe. And if I do get a new version of that, because I’m sure that they’ve upgraded the electronics in it, the gadgetry on the dashboard and stuff.



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