Obama Thinks the Welfare State Made America (and Himself) Great

Okay, so here’s Obama. If this is not convoluted, I don’t know what is. He says with this sound bite, he is a product of the welfare state. Republicans think that he shouldn’t have to give back when he’s taken. It’s difficult to understand, but what you have to know to understand it is the level of rage he feels; the degree of anger the man has toward this country to even say something like this. “Yeah, we had to go on food stamps! We had to do this. She was trying to get her Ph.D. and she had to make food stamps, rely on Medicare and Social Security. I’ve benefited from all these investments. Now I have an obligation of people who are less fortunate than me.”

That’s not the point. You are trying to make it the only way people can get anywhere is by having ’em go through you! That’s the difference. We are a compassionate society of people who genuinely need help and who can’t fend for themselves. We are the first country to step in and assist. What Obama wants is for everybody to have to go this way. The assumption is that everybody is incompetent, that everybody is incapable of making these decisions or succeeding like this on their own. The only people who do are cheaters and thieves and liars. This is what liberals believe. They want everybody to have to go this route; that’s the only way things will be “equal.” That’s the only way outcomes will be the same. It’s the only way it will ultimately be fair. But hidden in this is a level of resentment that’s gotta be so intense, otherwise… This kind of thinking is convoluted and radical for an American. The bitterness in this is just dripping, even off the sound bite.



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