Liberals Flip-Flop on Debt Ceiling

I’m gonna have to go back to my archives, but we operated without redoing the debt limit. Either 2006 or 2009, I’m going to have to find it. But we’ve done this before. We’ve operated without a formal agreement to raise the debt limit. It has been done. These people are shameless. We’ve operated past the debt limit before, and we do it frequently. And now they set the stage. It’s nuclear. It was. It was December 2009. The last time that we operated above the debt limit without authorization to do so was December 2009. This would be Social Security checks don’t go out, nobody gets paid. The people in the private sector will get paid, those relative few who have jobs in the private sector would get paid. Never in the history of this country, we’ve never defaulted on the debt. Well, that may be technically true, but we’ve certainly operated without the authorization to go above the debt ceiling. We’ve done that before. But even before that, that’s Charlie Cook. You heard Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, she’s just beside herself here that 62% of the country oppose raising the debt limit after being told what the result would be. You don’t think there’s a backlash going on out there about this?

I said last week on this program that if the deal announced to avert the shutdown is less than $61 billion, there would be hell to pay. I told that to the Heritage audience on Friday night. There’s gonna be hell to pay. I got a record amount of e-mail, and all but one phone call today, and we can’t do anything scientific with phone calls, I don’t take enough to even guess that that’s an accurate representation. But it is what it is in terms of that universe. I think we got a second one up there that disagrees with me; is that right? Line five says, “I don’t get it,” that’s somebody that disagrees with me. Okay, so there’s two, and that guy is coming up soon. He’s from Northridge, California. That’s Mike. Mike, hang in there, be tough, we’re gonna getting to you here in a minute. But still, Andrea’s all upset the public’s lack of understanding of the debt limit, “Oh, my God, oh, my God what are we gonna do? How do you get past this kind of lack of understanding?” Andrea, it’s not a lack of understanding. It is a total understanding of what’s going on. We just can’t keep doing this.



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