Is Audience Experiencing Obama-is-Destroying-the-Country Fatigue?

“Sorry, Rush, but you’re losing me as an audience. I despise Obama as much as the next person, but you’ve just become like every other talk show host, railing, venting, and beating the idea to a pulp. I hope it works for you in spite of my reaction. You used to be amusing while making your point nonetheless. I know there’s nothing to laugh about these days, so I understand your angst, but it’s over the top for me. You’re lucky, though, I can’t find a better channel to listen to when you’re on.”

This is one of the things the left is counting on. We’re at a tipping point here. Walter Williams, guest host on this program, is convinced it’s over, that there’s no chance that Obama loses in 2012. It’s done. It’s over. He’s got big business in his back pocket. He’s gonna have a billion dollars. He’s rigged the game. Larry Sabato using Rasmussen data pretty much concludes the same thing, 2012, it’s over. It’s over. We’ve got a poll out today from CBS/New York Times which ought to end Obama’s candidacy today. It ought to end his chances. So should rising gas prices. The general falling apart of this country ought to spell the end and according to all of these experts, it doesn’t. Obama’s in a town hall meeting in Reno yesterday and says, (paraphrasing) “You know, we just can’t let the rich relax and count their money. We just can’t let ’em sit around and relax and count their money. We’ve gotta get their money.” This is what he’s saying, things like this, at town hall meetings.



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