Paul Ryan announced his budget today, and the Democrat opposition is exactly what you would expect. It’s cliched, 30 years in the playbook, dead on arrival, extreme, and I started to think, what standing do these guys have to object to the budget? They didn’t even offer one last year. Not even pass one, they didn’t even offer a budget, they didn’t even do one. And the reason they didn’t do a budget is that last year, of course an election year, they didn’t want anybody to see what their plans were because it would have harmed their reelection chances. It would have been much worse than it already was, so guys that punted, guys that voted “present” on the budget, people that said, “We’re not even gonna do one. We’re just gonna do continuing resolutions,” now come along and say, “Well, this Ryan budget, it’s too extreme.”

By the way, another question. Where’s the No Labels crowd here? You know these wonderful, sensitive, understanding people that don’t like labels in politics. They don’t like conservative. They don’t like liberal. They’re all actually displaced liberals who have been losing and know that liberalism is one of the reasons they’ve been losing, so they, again, try to camouflage the fact that they’re liberals or slight liberals by saying that they’re really nothing, No Labels. Okay, here comes the all-out assault, predictable on Paul Ryan and the Republicans as they announce their budget today. Six trillion dollars over ten years in budget cuts. And it’s predictable. The reaction to it’s totally understandable. You could not have a greater, more visible line of demarcation on where we are and what the future of this country is gonna be all about. And yet here come the catcalls. “Ryan is extreme. The budget cuts are extreme.” Where’s the No Labels crowd on this? The No Labels crowd is urging us to get away from these kinds of characterizations that are poisoning our politics.

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