If the Election Were Held Today Obama Would be a Landslide Loser

We’re approaching five-dollar-a-gallon gasoline. We’ve got a lot of people’s homes worthless or at least underwater. We’ve got no relief on the job front. There’s not one positive thing happening. We got a guy in the White House who’s urging people and telling people how to downsize their lives and their expectations, and we’re told that this is the recipe for reelection victory. I’m sorry. But I just don’t buy this. I think Obama is a landslide loser if the election’s today, big time landslide loser. You know, I don’t understand. Well, I take that back. I do understand. Fear can cause a lot of common sense to get clouded. Fear can overcome common sense and basic understanding. But there’s nothing in the history of American politics that suggests that what’s happening here are resume enhancers. You know, a traditional question, are you better off now than you were two and a half years ago when Obama took office? No matter what question you ask, we are worse off. The country’s worse off, a majority of our people are worse off.

We got stories like I led with today, IMF, the American era, over. Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen on my watch and a president worth his salt would not let that happen on his watch. We got a president engineering it. And don’t for a moment believe the American people don’t see that. They do. Otherwise November would not have happened. Otherwise Wisconsin would not have happened in November. I don’t care, recount reshmount, the fact is that Supreme Court election, the Democrats lost it by 7,000 votes in a huge commie lib state.



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