Efforts to defund Obamacare one bite at a time are making progress in the House, although Senate prospects remain dim. The House is addressing parts of Obamacare which are so loosely-drafted that House Speaker John Boehner and others label them multi-billion-dollar “slush funds.”

Five bills (numbered HR 1213 through 1217) targeted at parts of the health care law were approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday. The bills repeal some portions of Obamacare, totally defund other parts, and convert some automatic funding into a requirement for annual Congressional approval before anything could be spent.

By the committee’s calculations, some $18.68-billion is addressed in the five bills (of the overall $105.46-billion in total automatic funding within Obamacare). Plus an unlimited slush fund for the Secretary of Health and Human Services is repealed.

Health Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA) took the lead on passing the measures, along with full committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI). Unfortunately, the national media have uniformly ignored the committee action.

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