Did Obama really flip flop on Gitmo?

Remember how just a few months ago President Obama and Eric Holder were pushing for the 9/11 terrorists to stand trial in downtown New York City? But then suddenly, it’s been announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will actually face a military trial at Guantanamo Bay. Why the sudden change? Glenn gave his reaction on radio this morning.

“Isn’t it strange that he does this now?” Glenn asked.

“He waited for six months and now he’s doing it. It’s almost like — can I — can I tell you something? This is an interesting theory and I — this is — it’s not even a theory. It’s more of an idea or a noticeable moment,” he said.

“The President, he starts out and he’s, like, ‘I am so against these terror trials in Gitmo because these terror trials in Gitmo, do you know what they do? They inflame the Muslim world’,” Glenn said,



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