Democrats Take No Responsibility for a Budget Mess They Created

Let’s go to Chris Van Hollen. He’s the point Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, Democrat side. He was the first guy yesterday who responded to Paul Ryan on Sunday, on the Sunday shows. Ryan gave us a sneak peek at what his budget proposal was gonna be. They sent Van Hollen out there. He’s from Maryland. They sent Van Hollen out there to offer up the 30-year-old cliches from the Democrat Party playbook about why this budget’s dead on arrival, and he talked about all the tax breaks for the rich, and of course we have the story about the crony capitalism with Obama and AT&T, $140 million of your taxpayer money given to AT&T to fund health care for their early retirees. Ninety-seven million dollars to Verizon and $202 million to the United Auto Workers.

By the way, Obama just said that they have agreed to $73 billion worth of cuts, but the Republicans are pressing for specific cuts. They’d agreed to $73 billion, but some of those cuts Obama’s not gonna put up with. He’s not gonna put up with some of them. (imitating Obama) “I’ve agreed to $73 billion, but not some of the things that they want to cut.” Meanwhile, folks, we are only here because the Democrats failed to do a budget in the first place. As far as I’m concerned, they have no standing in any of this. They punted. When it was time constitutionally to do a budget they voted “present.” The adults have to take over and now fund the country with these continuing resolutions, and, as we all know, Boehner is trying to adhere to the rules. But Obama doesn’t like the specific cuts. Here now is Van Hollen. Let’s see what he’s got to say. Press conference after Ryan proposed his budget this afternoon.



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