Congresswoman mocks Constitution and Tea Party Republicans as Slow with Bigoted Southern Accent

Apparently the Democratic House members aren’t all that happy with the Tea Party Representatives insistence that laws have a basis in the Constitution. Glenn gave his reaction to Rep. Sanchez’s latest statements on radio this morning.

Rep. Sanchez said:

“It is interesting because there are 89 new Republican members. About 80 of them defeated incumbents, Democrats. So, you know, I’ll approach this as they won an election the same way I did, which is tough to win.

You know, to be a member of House, there are three requirements. You have to be a citizen for at least seven years. You have to be at least age 25 and you have to win an election. The tough part is winning an election. Okay. So, I give them credit for winning election. They got in the same way I did.

So, I’m going over. I’m sitting down with them. I’m introducing myself. I’m visiting with them. I’m trying to get — you know, you have to form relationships in order for you to be able to pass legislation, but out of their mouths continue to come the same thing — it’s unconstitutional. Everything to them is unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional.”



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