Chuck-U Throws Down Gauntlet

ABC News just now: John Boehner has shrugged off conservative criticism of the dollar amount of the continuing resolution. He said, “It’s not perfect. It’s a first step,” and what is the second step? The debt limit? What will his second be in that regard, to wait for the Ryan budget? The second or third step, we don’t know. But we do know… Can you imagine what it was like in the Republican caucus meeting last night, because all day yesterday there was talk that they might need some Democrat votes to get this continuing resolution passed. That would not look good, and here you’ve had a weekend filled with spin: “Big win for Boehner!

“Oh, my God, why, it’s the first time we’ve cut the budget since Mars was discovered! This is huge: $38 billion, my God, Mabel, it’s never been done before!” That was the weekend spin, and it kinda of started to deteriorate. To the point that last night it was down to $352 million. There’s been criticism everywhere. There has been support from some sectors of the conservative media, but you the peoples and much of the conservative media have not been happy here. First we were told $100 billion, and that didn’t fly. It was $61 billion. If it was less than that there was gonna be hell to pay and there’s hell to pay.

So imagine being in that meeting. In this regard, Republicans and Democrats don’t differ much. If the leadership wants something done (chuckles), and you have an arm, they’ll twist it. So I wonder what the message was from the leadership to recalcitrant Republicans who might have been told they were gonna vote “no;” who might have said to leadership, “You know, we can’t vote for this,” because the last thing the leadership wants is Democrat votes to pass this. Now, how many of the freshmen…? Freshmen, they’re the ones that always get the pressure. Okay, so we have a huge number of freshmen. Some of them gonna vote “no,” leadership learns it, brings ’em in. There was a meeting yesterday afternoon into last night.

We know that.



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