Can Low-Income Voters Ever Be Convinced Not to Vote for Obama?

My fear with this is the people you’re talking about, once you make them start thinking then it’s a crapshoot. You could lose ’em right then because that’s what they’re not doing, and they’re not gonna want to admit that you’re right. They’re gonna be resistant just like kids are to parents. Parents don’t know beans. Every ten-year-old can tell you that. And that’s who you’re essentially talking to. You’re talking to people that don’t know anything but think they know it all. So you say, “Well, last two and a half years Obama’s been president, promised you all these things, how’s your life changed? Are you any better off? Do you know any low-income people that want to get a better job? Do they even want to work?”

Remember, we’re dealing, folks, with a sad, sad reality here. Government cash handouts now top tax revenues.



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