Be Bold, Republicans: It’s Time to Step Up and Really Take on Obama

The infighting that goes on between the Democrats, we were gonna do a Morning Update on it. They’re really ticked off at Obama at and a lot of other places. You can find it here in stacks of stuff. And a lot of people are using this, “Hey, Rush, it’s not that bad out there, the Democrats are not all that happy with Obama,” blah, blah, blah. And I want to put this in perspective. When the Democrats fight among themselves don’t think that the factions are liberal versus moderate. Whatever the factions, they all have the same objective, and that’s totalitarianism, authoritarianism, big government controlling everybody, whatever you want to call it. The anger stems from other things like how fast or slow Obama’s getting there, how deferential he is to Republicans. Don’t forget, that side over there, they want Obama to basically chew Boehner’s head off in the negotiations and they want to hear about it. They have a visceral hate for us. This notion of showing respect, that’s not them at all.

Now, here’s the thing. Obama is not a capitalist. The Democrat Party is not a party or the party of capitalism. The end that all of these different factions on the left have is the same end. They’re not the party of constitutionalism. They are not the party of individualism. They are not the party of prosperity. They are not the party of freedom. They are not the party of liberty. They are not the party of equality. None of that. What are they? Radicals. At least within our system and based on our history, they are utter radicals. So that’s the left. Now, on our side we are still fighting the battle of the establishment Republicans, the ruling class, the RINOs versus us, the conservatives and the constitutionalists. Now, the moderates on our side had as their goal avoiding a government shutdown. We know it because they said it. Boehner said it over and over again, and the editors at National Review had a lead editorial today praising the end result of this budget deal precisely because it avoided a government shutdown.



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