As Gas Prices Continue to Climb, House Turns Its Attention to Offshore Drilling

Despite systematically undermining domestic oil production, President Obama has recently said he hopes to drastically decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil. Luckily for the president, congressional Republicans have proposed an array of legislation to accomplish just that. The House Natural Resources Committee spent Wednesday working on three new energy bills.

The Obama administration’s de facto moratorium has led to a precipitous decline in U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. That prompted Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) to take action. His committee approved three new pieces of legislation with bipartisan support Wednesday. The House could vote on the package next month.

Hastings, who recently spoke at The Bloggers Briefing at Heritage, said he proposed the bills as a response to repeated entreaties for help from those hurt by the president’s moratorium.



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