An urgent message from WND’s Joseph Farah

In November we had an historic election.

Republicans took over the House of Representatives and made gains in the Senate.

They did so because Americans recognized they made a big mistake in the previous election. They didn’t like the fact that the people in power were trying to “fundamentally transform” America from its roots as a self-governing nation under the rule of law to one based on top-down, command-and-control tyranny.

Since then, I’ve been watching Republican leaders in the House trying to reason with the Democrats, trying to bargain with them, trying to negotiate some middle ground with them, trying to compromise with them on issues that fundamentally do not have any room for bargaining, negotiating, compromise or middle ground.

We’ve all been watching the debate over fiscal policy taking place in Washington: Republicans proposing modest cuts in government, apparently expecting Barack Obama and Democrats in the Senate to go along with them in the interest of saving the country from economic collapse from unsustainable debt.

Of course, Obama and the Democrats will have none of it. They think because they control the White House and the Senate they should continue to dictate policy – even if their policies are clearly driving the nation off a cliff into bankruptcy and depression. And most of us look at that and think, “You know, it’s too bad. But I guess there isn’t anything we can really do until 2012.”

That’s the trouble with conservatives. They’re too conservative – even when times call for radical action to preserve the foundations of our country.

Let me tell you how conservatives need to be responding to the national emergency we find ourselves in today.



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